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Jain Book Depot is proud to introduce to its Patrons "Nabhi News" our Monthly Newsletter to keep you updated about the latest happening in the world of books. Through this newsletter, we would like to provide information regarding new books released across various subject categories. We are also carrying a special section " Featured book of the month" apart from Best Sellers & New Releases. We have also launch a book review corner where our readers can post their view/comments and also recommend books to our fellow members.

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Harishankar Parsad

Income Tax Guidelines & Mini Ready Reckoner 2010-11 2011-12 alongwith tax planning and wealth tax (In English & Hindi) content is really upto the quality, a nabhi publication, i like the book. The speciality of the book is that the changes made by the Finance Act 2010 have been elaborately explained. A number of pertinent circulars, letters, orders, instructions and a large number of significant court decisions have been defined in this book. The chapters relating to filing of return, payment of advance tax, salary, capital gain, incomes exempt form tax, profits & gains from business or profession have been updated. This book is really helpfull in filling of income tax. income tax guidelines provided by the Nabhi hepls you to determine the tax you should expect to pay for your earned income exactly.

Er. Ramesh Kumar

Compilation of Analysis of Rates and Estimation Techniques for Civil Works 2010 (In 2 Vol) The 4th revised and enlarged edition provides analysis of rates for over 1100 main items and 1500 sub-items, including items on specialized constructions, such as use of mechanized construction techniques, earthquake resistant structures, rainwater harvesting systems, construction by slip forming and RCC water tanks, analysis for which is not available elsewhere publication. The analysis has been prepared with a practical approach after concerted market research and interaction with several experts in the field, considering modern trends of work and materials available and further explained with illustrations on calculation of rates for typical and difficult items. I personally recommend this book will be immensely useful for officials of Govt. departments, PWDs, PSUs, architects, consultants, site engineers, quantity surveyors and civil engineering students. engineering students

Ashley Harris

Make Your House Yourself This book written by Er S C Basu Roy provides solutions to the problems usually faced in the process of construction. It has been written in lucid manner for easy understanding by non-technical house owners explaining various aspects with the help of several figures, plans and diagrams. It enlightens the prospectives buyers of the various intricacies inherent in a purchase transaction and offers compelete information on planning, designing, construction, purchase of materials, building bye-laws, and terms of contract with architect, engineer or contractor.

Mr. Harpreet

Practical Book on House Design This comprehensive book opens a window to new ideas and provides a practical guide to turn the dream into reality. It is illustrated by 150 drawings and 30 plans of houses on plots varying from as small as 26 square meter to larger bungalows. It contains a valuable guidance for making best use of space, as well as vital componenets of a house.


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